Citizens' Bank Schedule of Fees

Service Fee
Account Reconciliation $20.00 per hour
Automatic Sweep Transfers $5.00 per transfer
Cash Advance-Customer No Charge
Cash Advance-Non Customer $10.00
Copies $1.00 per page
Collection Item-Customer $10.00
Debit Card Replacement $10.00
Fax $2.00 per page
Legal Process Fee $100.00
Official Check-Customer $6.00
Fees for overdrafts or uncollected funds created by check or other electronic means*(per item) $35.00
Returned Deposited Item $5.00
Research $25.00 per hour plus $1.00 per page
Stop Payment $35.00
Wire Confirmation Fax $7.00
Wire Transfer-Incoming $15.00
Wire Transfer-Outgoing $20.00
  Online Wire Transfer - Outgoing $16.00
Wire Transfer-International $50.00
External Funds Transfer through Online Banking $1.00 per transfer

*We do not charge a fee for overdrafts or uncollected funds created by ATM or non-recurring POS transactions

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